Carved Staff - Crystal and Wood - Gemstone Carving - Labradorite - Tourmaline - Wooden Staff

Lady Labradorite

A beautiful carved wooden staff I crafted from a piece of wood found on a nature walk. I therefore do not know what wood is in question, but it has a really beautiful texture and pattern. The carving is lovingly done and finished with Danish oil. I have set a stunning labradorite carving into the staff and on the other side, there is also a small piece of green tourmaline gemstone. If you take this special Lady to the woods or mountains with you, she is bound to imbue your trek with that special nature’s magic. At other times you can just hold her close and caress her beautiful, long strands of golden hair.

The length of the staff is: 110cm and it’s approximately 4-5cm thick. For a nature lover - a special companion!

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I stayed home from creative writing class to write my contemporary art essay

a.k.a I finished my essay in 4 hours and will spend the rest of the night playing DA:O 

"One such example that I would cite as art is video games, with the game Dishnonored (2012)(fig 2) as my figurehead. Video games fit neatly into a Cubist/Futurist’s definition of art in that they literally exist in the fourth dimension. In Dishonored one can freely roam the city of Dunwall as an assassin during a time of political upheaval. Time and space exist and allow the viewer to experience a concept, much in the same way that we can experience the horrors of the Spanish Civil war in Picasso’s Guernica (1937)(fig 3)."

Throw me in the trash I just compared Dishonored to Guernica 

I realized that I hot rock bottom today when I compared Picasso and Cubism to video games like Dishonored and how they both follow the same theory for a contemporary art history essay. 

I’m getting my bachelors. 


Carved Quartz crow skull.

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